About us

Our exciting journey in the world of wine began in 2006 when we started an extensive research into local soil types and terroir in order to select the perfect spot for our vineyards at the foot of the Monastery Hills near Yambol (Southeast Bulgaria). Our winery is in the immediate vicinity of the vineyard which ensures the qualitative characteristics of the grapes from the beginning of the vinification process. The winery’s capacity is 50 tonnes of grapes per annum. We are not aiming to expand our production, but rather remain focused on producing limited edition wines of aprominent character.

We apply traditional winemaking techniques using dedicated manual labour where it matters for the quality of our wines. The young wine matures in 225 litre French oak barrels and is aged further in bottles in an underground cellar of constant temperature and controlled air humidity.




In ancient Bulgarian “balar” means “a wise, educated man”. For us, one dimension of this wisdom is staying true to the grape character, which the Thracian Valley has bestowed upon us. We apply low interferencevineyard practices and deliberately reduce theamount of grape we harvest to help the vineyard to fulfil its potential. We respect the nature, and when it does not result in a good year (such as the year of 2014), we chose not to produce wine.

We know that another dimension of wisdom is flexibility.It allows us to skilfully adapt to changing environmental conditions by using sustainable practices andcarefully developed procedures for managing the technological process.

The steady quality of our wine year after year is ensured by theaccurately selected terroir as well as the strict application a theoretical management model developed within our team.